Sunday, September 22, 2013

One day at a time

It has been a rough week....I took my first test in two of my hardest class and the results were not so good. I have been trying to communicate with my professors about accessability for the classes, and some are working with me and some are not.  The first class is  Linguistics and there are symbols that have been impossible to put in a format that I can understand.  The reader/scribe that was doing the test with me stopped half way through because she could not read it to me in a way that I could understand.  I am tutoring with another professor who is auditing that class and she is going to try to figure out a way to teach it to me...and then hopefully I can retake  the test.  The second class is meteorology and I studied for hours for the test because I was not allowed to use any notes.  I got an email from the professor that I failed the test and he encouraged me to drop the class.  I can't do that because I have to keep a full load to keep my scholarship, although if I don't keep up my gpa, I will lose it...So I am praying for favor with the professor.

I have gotten involved with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and will be going on a retreat next weekend in the mountains.  I am really excited about it and am hoping to get to know some of the people involved, better.

I am also looking forward to visits in October from my grandparents and Sarah!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

First week of classes

I survived the first week of classes.  I have two on Mon/Wed and two on Tues/Thur.  Two of them I feel pretty good about as the professors have been very helpful and willing to work with the accommodations that I need.  The other two...the professors are very tough and seem resistant to helping much.

I feel pretty good about getting around campus and thankful that my memory was helpful in remembering my way around.  It is about a 50 minute commute to school...40 minutes by bus and a 10 minute train ride.  I am hoping to get involved with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship as a way to meet some other students and feel more involved at school.

I am having issues with my computer and I have a open book quiz next Thur and my computer's screen reader won't read my notes to me, so not too helpful!  I have been in contact with several IT people to try to get the problem solved.

Matthew has been visiting since Thursday and will be flying home on Tues.  It is great to have him here, although there is pretty much sports talk with my Dad most of the time!

Friday, August 16, 2013


I moved back to Denver mid-July and this time with my Mom, Dad and Woody!  We have settled into an apartment in Lakewood.  The commute to school isn't as easy as it was in our previous apartment, but I have been practicing quite a bit, and I have it down!

My friend, Lily, from Philly, who was my roommate the last few months at the Center for the Blind, is also living with us.  She transferred to Metro State and will be here the fall semester before going to PA for surgery and rehab, then returning in the fall of 2014 for good.  At that point we will look for an apartment of our own.

I have been busy with doctors appointments (still no relief from headaches), Commission for the Blind appointments, mobility training and school stuff.  I sent my four professors a power point of my disabilities (Blindness and memory loss) and then try to schedule a meeting with them before classes start.  I have met with two of them and that has been very helpful. Speaking of classes, I start next Monday, Aug. 19.  I have two classes each day, Mon-Thur and off on Fridays to study and get caught up for the week.

I have changed my major to Speech/Communications with a minor in English.  I really would like to be a motivational speaker and share my story with others. 

I will try to stay caught up with my blogging as I know there are a few people that wondered what happened to me!

Monday, April 29, 2013

This was an awesome week-end.  Even though my birthday is not until this coming Thursday we actually celebrated it this past week-end.  Mom and dad surprised me on Thursday by having mom fly to Denver to celebrate my birthday.  It was a HUGE surprise and we all had a great three days together.  It re-energized me to finish off the school year.  For my birthday mom and dad gave me a very nice watch, eye shadow, took me out to eat to my favorite restaurants and lavished me with love and attention. You know, the things every girl wants!

Now dad and I are on the countdown for when we get to see mom again.  I have less than three weeks left of school and then we will be heading back to Aiken.  Please pray for me as I have finals coming up!  I am doing very well in two classes and struggling big time in two others.  I need to complete this first year with a combined GPA of 3.0 to keep my scholarships and stay in school.  It will be close.

My awesome sister Sarah is coming out to visit for three days and to then help with the driving back to South Carolina with dad and I.  She gets out of school a week before me.  Dad and I are very anxious to see her.  It will be great fun to have her in Denver. 

It is going to be 80 degrees here today, but by Wednesday they are predicting snow flurries!!  Gotta love Denver's crazzzy weather!


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Well more problems with my blogspot homepage so sorry it has been a long time between posts again.  They changed their format and my text reader is having problems telling me how to navigate it.  At any-rate...

My endocrinologist appointment this past week went well.  Both my dad and I felt good about the doctor.  Not a whole lot to tell but she did tweak my pill schedule in the hope of increasing my energy level and I think that it has.  I can use any increase!

Only 11 days until my birthday.  I will be 20 years old!!  I keep telling my dad that it should be celebrated week long and I am planning out the details for him.  He is not so sure....

Only 15 more school days until the end of the semester.  I can tell I am getting close because I am working on final projects in each class such as a 15 page paper for English and a speech on a news event for Government. 

This past week I was able to nearly finalize the details with Lilly (my old room-mate at the Center for the Blind) and another girl concerning renting an apartment together this fall in case my dad (and mom) don't come back with me to Colorado after summer break.  My dad and I got a good lead today on an apartment possibility that would be cheaper so please pray that it would work out.

Either way we will be coming back to Aiken for at least part of the summer.  We should be there by the end of May.  The weather here, like always, is up and down.  Today nearly 60 but Monday more snow!!  Crazy!!  We will be ready for South Carolina summer!

This Monday I have another appointment with my headache doctor.  She seems to be running out of ideas so I don't know what suggestions she will have so pray for wisdom for her to know what to do next.

Hope everyone is having a good week-end!


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sorry I have missed soooo many days.  I was having problems with the posting procedure on this blogspot.  I think I have it figured out now.

So my Spring Break is over.  It went really well.  It was great to have the week off of school and even better to be able for dad and I to spend it in Aiken.  We were back for 10 days.  It seems like that was more than just a week ago that we returned back to Denver.  It made it a little easier coming back knowing that I had only 6 weeks left of school (now 5). 

It is very clear that my classes are beginning to wrap up.  I just gave my third speech in Speech class and only have one more to go.  After looking at my syllabi's  I have only one remaining test in each of my classes....EXCITING!!!  It will be very interesting to see how my grades end up this semester.  It has been a much more difficult semester than last.  We will see...

This week brings many new things.  Tuesday I am meeting with a new Endocrinologist here in Denver.  My prayer is that they will be able to answer some of my questions and  help me with my various problems.  Thursday I have an Anthropology test which is my most difficult class.  Keep me in your prayers.

Have a great week!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013


So, today in church, dad preached.  He hasn't preached a sermon since last June.  I was very anxious to hear him speak again!I love my dad's preaching!! 

The service all went really good. It started with a good Sunday school lesson.  In Sunday school we talked about the Holy Spirit and how it needs to be a daily action to ask the Holy Spirit to be with us, not just a one time thing.   Dad spoke on the presence of the Lord.  He said how there are different levels.  1. Omni-presence 2. manifest presence and 3. abiding presence.  It was really good and showed me where I need to increase in.  It was amazing to me how the Sunday school lesson and the sermon went together so good.  On top of the Sunday school lesson going with the sermon, the devotion that dad and I listened to this morning talked about the presence of the Lord...isn't God amazing, the way he works those things together?

So, I am really excited for Thursday!  My spring break is next week.  So, dad and I are flying to go home on Thursday.  We will be there for a 10 full days!  I will be missing two days of school, but that saves me $200.  So, it was definately worth it!  I will be pretty busy when I am there, which I like.  So it will be alot of fun!