Saturday, August 24, 2013

First week of classes

I survived the first week of classes.  I have two on Mon/Wed and two on Tues/Thur.  Two of them I feel pretty good about as the professors have been very helpful and willing to work with the accommodations that I need.  The other two...the professors are very tough and seem resistant to helping much.

I feel pretty good about getting around campus and thankful that my memory was helpful in remembering my way around.  It is about a 50 minute commute to school...40 minutes by bus and a 10 minute train ride.  I am hoping to get involved with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship as a way to meet some other students and feel more involved at school.

I am having issues with my computer and I have a open book quiz next Thur and my computer's screen reader won't read my notes to me, so not too helpful!  I have been in contact with several IT people to try to get the problem solved.

Matthew has been visiting since Thursday and will be flying home on Tues.  It is great to have him here, although there is pretty much sports talk with my Dad most of the time!

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