Friday, August 16, 2013


I moved back to Denver mid-July and this time with my Mom, Dad and Woody!  We have settled into an apartment in Lakewood.  The commute to school isn't as easy as it was in our previous apartment, but I have been practicing quite a bit, and I have it down!

My friend, Lily, from Philly, who was my roommate the last few months at the Center for the Blind, is also living with us.  She transferred to Metro State and will be here the fall semester before going to PA for surgery and rehab, then returning in the fall of 2014 for good.  At that point we will look for an apartment of our own.

I have been busy with doctors appointments (still no relief from headaches), Commission for the Blind appointments, mobility training and school stuff.  I sent my four professors a power point of my disabilities (Blindness and memory loss) and then try to schedule a meeting with them before classes start.  I have met with two of them and that has been very helpful. Speaking of classes, I start next Monday, Aug. 19.  I have two classes each day, Mon-Thur and off on Fridays to study and get caught up for the week.

I have changed my major to Speech/Communications with a minor in English.  I really would like to be a motivational speaker and share my story with others. 

I will try to stay caught up with my blogging as I know there are a few people that wondered what happened to me!

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