Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sorry I have missed soooo many days.  I was having problems with the posting procedure on this blogspot.  I think I have it figured out now.

So my Spring Break is over.  It went really well.  It was great to have the week off of school and even better to be able for dad and I to spend it in Aiken.  We were back for 10 days.  It seems like that was more than just a week ago that we returned back to Denver.  It made it a little easier coming back knowing that I had only 6 weeks left of school (now 5). 

It is very clear that my classes are beginning to wrap up.  I just gave my third speech in Speech class and only have one more to go.  After looking at my syllabi's  I have only one remaining test in each of my classes....EXCITING!!!  It will be very interesting to see how my grades end up this semester.  It has been a much more difficult semester than last.  We will see...

This week brings many new things.  Tuesday I am meeting with a new Endocrinologist here in Denver.  My prayer is that they will be able to answer some of my questions and  help me with my various problems.  Thursday I have an Anthropology test which is my most difficult class.  Keep me in your prayers.

Have a great week!!

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