Saturday, April 20, 2013

Well more problems with my blogspot homepage so sorry it has been a long time between posts again.  They changed their format and my text reader is having problems telling me how to navigate it.  At any-rate...

My endocrinologist appointment this past week went well.  Both my dad and I felt good about the doctor.  Not a whole lot to tell but she did tweak my pill schedule in the hope of increasing my energy level and I think that it has.  I can use any increase!

Only 11 days until my birthday.  I will be 20 years old!!  I keep telling my dad that it should be celebrated week long and I am planning out the details for him.  He is not so sure....

Only 15 more school days until the end of the semester.  I can tell I am getting close because I am working on final projects in each class such as a 15 page paper for English and a speech on a news event for Government. 

This past week I was able to nearly finalize the details with Lilly (my old room-mate at the Center for the Blind) and another girl concerning renting an apartment together this fall in case my dad (and mom) don't come back with me to Colorado after summer break.  My dad and I got a good lead today on an apartment possibility that would be cheaper so please pray that it would work out.

Either way we will be coming back to Aiken for at least part of the summer.  We should be there by the end of May.  The weather here, like always, is up and down.  Today nearly 60 but Monday more snow!!  Crazy!!  We will be ready for South Carolina summer!

This Monday I have another appointment with my headache doctor.  She seems to be running out of ideas so I don't know what suggestions she will have so pray for wisdom for her to know what to do next.

Hope everyone is having a good week-end!


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